iMote 2.3.1

Control iTunes from any application


  • Makes controlling iTunes much easier
  • No need to use the mouse with iTunes
  • Configure any hotkeys that you want


  • No need for Growl and Floater alerts
  • Not much quicker than CMD clicking on iTunes dock icon


Most Mac users rely on iTunes for their audio needs - but it can be a pain to keep having to revert back to it from other applications.

iMote is a clever tool for controlling basic iTunes functions, such as pausing and playing the current track, skipping tracks and increasing volume from any other external application. You can define hotkeys to control iTunes or use the floating iMote window, which is always accessible whatever you're using. One thing I really liked about iMote is that it supports Growl alerts so that you're instantly notified the name of tracks and the artist when it changes.

Using the iMote menu, you can even rate tracks and arrange the playlist. The stand-out feature of iMote, however, is the hotkey configuration. By assigning a combination of keys to press, you can instruct iTunes to skip a track even if you're typing in Word or using Photoshop. The Floater window also informs you of track changes although I don't see why this has been implemented when iMote supports Growl. Having both activated just becomes annoying.

iMote is extremely useful for iTunes addicts who are tired of either using their mouse to control iTunes or having to constantly revert back to it.



iMote 2.3.1

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